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What are fundamental and technical analyses?

The pros and cons of fundamental analysis Fundamental analysis is an idea that prices are constituted by two currency pairs, based on fundamental conditions such as the economy, national strength (economic power, growth potential), policy interest rates, and geography. To put it simply, fundamental analysis is a thinking process where, in the case of two currency pairs, […]

What are swap points?

We use swap points to make a profit Swap point profits from Forex trades come from the difference of interest rates between the buying price and selling price of two country’s currencies. Each swap point is either charged to or paid to the trader at the end of each trading day. There are trading styles […]

What are “spreads?

There are many different kinds of spreads. In foreign exchange market terms, a “spread” is the difference between the buying price and the selling price of a currency unit, and is the main source of income for Forex companies (Forex brokers) without handling fees. These Forex brokers’ spreads are much cheaper than the spreads one […]

What is the difference between DD and NDD in Forex? What is the difference between an STP account and an ECN account?

The difference between DD and NDD Forex companies (brokers) trade with traders using one of two trading methods. The first is DD, also known as “dealing desk” or OTC (over the counter). Dealing desk brokers, as they are called, do not make orders directly between the trader and the liquidity providers, but rather finish a […]

What is forex? (Forex Trading for Beginners)

Forex is a worldwide investment market Forex, or foreign exchange, is a market where all variations of foreign currencies can be traded. Forex is currently the world’s biggest market, with daily trades up to 5 trillion yen (JPY). Compared to the stock market, the Forex market is by far the bigger, and more exciting, market. […]

What is a “leverage effect”?

It is possible to aim for high returns using leverage on the Forex market The word “leverage” can find its origins in the word “lever,” a tool made for lifting or moving a large object with little power put forth from the operator. In economic terms, “leverage” means increasing profit margins on capital by using […]