AXIORY Forex Broker Review 2023












  • Up Tp 400:1 Leverage
  • Low Interbank Spreads
  • MT4 Execution Transparency
  • Negative Balance Protection


  • Minimum Deposit $200
  • 4 Trading Platforms
  • No Deposit Bonus

The narrowest spreads in the industry

The biggest selling point of Axiory Global Ltd. (Axiory) is their extremely narrow spreads. With spreads as narrow as those at Axiory, coupled with Axiory’s other services and features, it is possible to make more money, more easily, than other companies with similar conditions. That said, it may be difficult for customers to feel the immediate profits from their first transaction. However, even if a customer’s profit is only $10 per transaction, in ten transactions that could rise to $100 and in 100 transactions that profit could reach $1,000. Companies like Axiory make it possible to make as much in profit as their spreads are narrow.


Two types of trading accounts

Minimum Deposit10 USD10 USD10 USD10 USDn/a
PlatformsMT4, cTraderMT4, cTraderMT4, cTraderMT5MT5
Average Spread EURUSD0.000030.000130.00020.00003n/a
Leverage Up To1:4001:4001:7771:4001:1
Commissions6 USD/lot6 USD/lotfrom 1.5 USD/lot
Commissions of Stock CFDs*0.04 USD per CFD (min 6 USD)0.04 USD per CFD (min 6 USD)0.06 USD per CFD (min 8 USD)0.04 USD per CFD (min 6 USD)n/a
Negative Balance Protectionn/a
Hedging Allowed
Minimum FX Trade Volume (lots)
FX Lot Size100 000100 000100 000100 000n/a
Maximum Open/PendingUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Islamic Account
Axiory CopyTrade
At Axiory, there are two types of trading accounts: Standard and Nano Spread. There are no handling fees for the Standard Account, but it has a wider spread than the spread offered in the Nano Spread Account. The Standard Account is intended for the general trader, but traders who are looking to make a large profit in a short span of time would find the Nano Spread Account better suited to their needs. However, with a Nano Spread Account, the handling fee per 1 lot (one-way) is $3. By industry standards, a $3 fee is relatively cheap and may feel even cheaper with increased profits.


The maximum leverage is 1:400

The maximum leverage for Axiory accounts is 1:400, which is quite low compared to other forex companies. However, in exchange for a low maximum leverage, Axiory charges customers lower handling fees than other companies might, making it easier for customers with low funds to save money. Particularly for those who only trade in the short term, Axiory is said to be a company where it is easy to make a profit.


Customers are protected by a negative balance protection service.

Axiory does not charge customers for losses exceeding their account balance.


MT4 and cTrader platforms available

Trading is made possible using the most widely used trading platform, MT4, and another exclusive trading system made by professionals, cTrader. This system has high level trading features and easily understandable probability displays for the rising and falling of currency values. Within cTrader, a feature called cAlgo Editor allows traders to make their own original technical indexes and automatic buying/selling program, featuring colorful features that help customers use their funds effectively.

MT4 and cTrader are available on Windows, Mac, iOs, Android, and other popular platforms. cAlgo Editor is currently only available on Windows.


No fees on deposits or withdrawals over $200

For deposits and withdrawals, it is possible to use credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), wire transfers, and various forms of online currency such as bitcoin, Neteller, or Skill. If a customer deposits or withdraws $200 or more, Axiory will cover the handling fees. Through the use of the MyAxiory page, customers can quickly and easily deposit or withdraw their money.


Importance placed on transparency

At Axiory, the results of orders and contracts are announced publicly. On the company homepage, it is possible to find information about contract execution and rejection rates, the slippage, and other important numbers that forex trading companies generally do not wish to share with their customers. It is no exaggeration to say that there are very few companies that are willing to share this information. Though this high degree of transparency, it may be possible to judge Axiory as one of the most trustworthy forex trading companies around.


Other features

Customer funds are fully segregated from Axiory’s customer funds, providing full and proper protection for all customer accounts. In addition, Axiory features a high rate of contract execution, 99.98% at the time of this writing. Rates and information are made public, leading to a higher degree of trust in a company that works together with its customers.


Other services

Axiory offers informative and quick responses as part of its customer support system. As of this writing, seven languages are supported. Unlike XM and FBS, Axiory does not offer customers deposit or trading bonuses; however, the transparency and trust that it offers to customers could possibly be considered a more than fair bonus in exchange.


Company overview

Axiory entered the forex trading service business in 2011 with nine bases across the world. With their main office located in Belize, Axiory current holds a license from the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). Furthermore, Axiory currently donates some of its company profits to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in order to help build a better future. Through such kind activities and the use of transparency, Axiory has positioned itself at the top of the most trusted top level forex companies.